At Hospital Lane, referrals for specialist periodontal treatment are received by Craig Kennett BDS PhD FDS RCPS (Glas) and Ines Forte LMD (Lisbon) MClinDent(Lond) MRD RCS (Eng).

Alternatively, patients can make appointments directly with Reception for direct access to specialist care.

Specialist periodontal treatments

Patients can benefit from seeing a Periodontist to treat more advanced gum disease or specific gum problems. The Periodontist has had advanced training in using microsurgical techniques for gum treatment that is more intensive and may be beyond the scope of a Dental Hygienist or general Dentist due to the technical difficulties involved. Specialist equipment such as dental lasers and micro-surgical tools used by the Periodontist can help achieve optimum treatment outcomes. As with all periodontal treatment, the patients home care is a vital aspect in the success of treatment.

The Periodontist will be able give patients detailed analysis and advice on the treatment options available and lifestyle factors which can aggravate periodontal problems. In addition, long-term treatment planning is often invaluable for patients with more developed gum problems.

Specialist Periodontal Treatments

Laser treatments

The Waterlase MD laser uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to provide gentler, more precise treatment that conserves healthy tissue and minimises pain and discomfort. In addition, the laser sterilises as it removes diseased tissue and provides a sealing clot that inhibits re-infection.

More information on laser treatment

Aesthetic recontouring

The architecture of the gum surrounding teeth has a significant impact on dental aesthetics. For a good cosmetic appearance the proportions of the teeth need to be correct and a degree of balance and harmony in the surrounding soft tissue is important. Asymmetry and ‘gummy’ smiles can be corrected in some cases with recontouring of the gum.

A variety of techniques can be used depending on the clinical situation and this can be achieved using conventional or laser assisted techniques.

After crown reshaping upper right central incisor using laser surgery