Implant Dentistry

Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic welcomes referrals from dental colleagues.

We recognise that some Dentists may prefer to refer for discreet aspects of implant treatment, as part of their overall care for patients. In these situations, our consultation with patients will be limited to this aspect of patient care taking into account the relevant dental health of the patient.

We are also happy to receive patients on referral for treatment planning, so that their implant treatment includes management and  maintenance of the complete dentition as part of a long term oral health strategy. Implant treatment is a long term treatment option and involves a significant investment for the patient, so we have a duty to fully inform  patients of their treatment options and find patients appreciate this consultative approach. We encourage referral dentists to visit the Clinic and be actively involved in the treatment planning of patients and can offer mentoring services.

Same-day tooth replacement using Tooth Now and All on 4 protocols is one of the reasons patients are referred to the Clinic. Having the benefit of a purpose-built facility with a private patient lounge, patients can be looked after in comfort whilst waiting for same-day bridges made by the onsite laboratory team.

The Clinic has multiple fields of view Cone Beam CT scanning facilities to ensure minimal radiation dosage for patients having implant treatment.  CT scanning along with onsite Procera scanner and NobelClinician software facilitates guided surgery for optimal minimally invasive implant procedures.

All on 4 planning with EZ software
NobelClinician Scan
Single central incisor planned on NobelClinician for Tooth Now
NobelClinician software used for precise implant planning and NobelGuide procedures.
NobelClinician software used for precise implant planning and NobelGuide procedures.

The team of implant surgeons is highly experienced and more challenging cases are often dealt with by a multi-disciplinary team approach. Sinus lifts ,bone grafting and regeneration procedures can be performed for patients with inadequate bone volume. Soft tissue procedures can also be carried out to enhance aesthetic  outcomes using sub-epithelial connective tissue grafts or mucografts. While the majority of procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, the Clinic is fully equipped for Intravenous sedation when procedures are more extensive, or to alleviate anxiety for nervous patients.

The Clinic is open 6 days a week, for back-up and support with experienced implant dentists. In the event of a dental emergency, patients requiring implant treatment can usually  be accommodated on the same day.