Services for Dentists - Endodontics


Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic has invested in the equipment needed for successful endodontic treatments.

Digital radiographs and endodontic CT scanning

The use of high definition dental radiographs helps in the location and measurement of canals. Immediate processing allows this information to be used with the minimum waiting times. Further software can be used to enhance images. The use of cone beam CT scanning for endodontic purposes uses allows the accurate location of infected canals and identification of canals. The narrow field of view limits patient exposure to radiation but greatly enhances diagnostic abilities.


The Clinic has a ‘Global’ surgical microscope that can be used to find and investigate difficult canals. The ability to find canals and work with magnification aids successful preparation of root canals.

Torque-controlled drills

Electronic torque-controlled drills with auto-reverse are used to provide rotary instrumentation of canals. The use of endodontic drills provides consistent and minimal preparation combined with greatly reduced risk of drill separation.#

Warm Gutta Percha

All canals are filled with warm Gutta Percha techniques including the use of ‘System B’ and ‘Obtura’ machines. It has been shown that good coronal seal is the key in providing consistent long term results.