Dental Treatments - Tooth Whitening

Healthy teeth often get darker with age or they become stained through smoking or when consuming certain foods, such as coffee and red wine. These stains can be treated with a tooth whitening procedure which is safe and efficient.

Home Tooth Whitening

This procedure is performed at home, for an average of 10 -14 days with the aid of tooth whitening trays and gel.

Tooth Whitening Tray
Tooth Whitening Tray
Tooth Whitening - After
Before Treatment
After Treatment.

This patient had a ceramic veneer which deteriorated over time and needed replacing. Tooth whitening was also recommended to improve the appearance of all of the teeth.


Tooth whitening fees

Tooth whitening consultation £ 52
At-home tooth whitening (upper and lower arches) £ 375

Contact us for a consultation to see if you are suitable for tooth whitening.

A dental examination is required before tooth whitening to ensure there are no dental problems.

The dentist will then often refer you for a Hygienist visit at the Clinic to remove any stains and deposits on your teeth, so that you gain the maximum effect from the tooth whitening procedure.

How is the procedure carried out?

  • Following your examination with the Dentist and your Hygienist visit you will return to the Clinic for a short appointment where the Dentist will take some impressions and photographs of your teeth.
  • These impressions are then sent off to the laboratory for the tailor-made precision whitening trays to be created.
  • We offer different variations of whitening gels at the Clinic; Hydrogen Peroxide 6%, Carbamide Peroxide 10% and Carbamide Peroxide 16%. At your consultation, the Dentist will discuss with you which type is best for you.
  • The whitening trays are made from Ethylen Vinylacetat Copolymere which is a latex free material and is very comfortable to wear either during the day or overnight.
  • About two weeks after your impressions are taken, you will return to the Clinic to have the whitening trays fitted. At this appointment the Dentist or Hygienist will fit your whitening trays for you and advise you on how to use and look after them. They will also supply you with the whitening gel to whiten your teeth.
  • Sensitivity is a normal feature of the tooth whitening process and usually only lasts for the duration of the treatment and a couple of days afterwards.
  • Please note the tooth whitening procedure will not change the colour of existing crown and bridgework or existing fillings. These may need changing if they are in an aesthetic zone.


Is it safe?

The procedure will not damage existing fillings or soften your enamel. Studies have shown that tooth whitening procedures do not result in any structural change in teeth.

How long does it last?

It will depend on your intake of staining foods, but in general most people do not need a top up for up to two years.

Can I have this done if I am pregnant?

While there are no known constraints for pregnant women, they should consult with their physician before having the procedure done.

How can I find out more?