Dental Treatments - Single visit ceramic restorations – CERECS

Ceramic reconstruction of a tooth (CEREC) is often the best solution for restoring decayed, broken or previously filled teeth.

Modern CEREC 3D technology enables patients to have treatment in a single stress free appointment. CEREC is capable of producing any single tooth restoration, whether it is an onlay, crown or veneer.

Benefits include:

  • Single visit
  • Single local anaesthetic
  • No impression
  • Less drilling
  • Minimal removal of tooth tissue
  • Strong, healthy, metal-free, aesthetic restoration
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • 20 year clinical history showing longevity of restorations
Pre-op fractured decayed tooth
Pre-op fractured decayed tooth
Tooth prepared and scanned
CAD image of new ceramic overlay to be milled
Post-op ceramic overlay fitted in just over 1 hour
Post-op ceramic overlay fitted in just over 1 hour

Composite fillings leaking with decay and have been replaced with CEREC restorations in a single visit, for a comfortable aesthetic long term solution.


Dentist comment:

This technology means that my patients can have a completely different level of dental care with CEREC 3D.
Restoring a tooth can now be a pleasure for the patient and dentist.

Patient comment:

To Tony, just a note to say thank you so much for my new tooth, I’m really pleased with it. So glad I had it done, I’ll have to walk around with my mouth open so everyone can see your brilliant work!