Dental Treatments - Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the intensive cleaning and sealing of the inside of an infected tooth.

The root canal is the inside of the tooth and when this, or the pulp or the nerve, get infected it can lead to pain, an abscess or swelling. The tooth may appear dark or have pain on biting. This infection must be removed by root canal treatment. Root canal treatment will save an infected tooth from extraction.
Healthy teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside. The inside of the root is often called the pulp or the nerve
The Dentist has to remove decay and infection from the root canal by the use of disinfectants and special shaping tools. Once infection is removed the cleaned root canal is filled with a flexible rubber point called gutta percha. The treated tooth can then remain in the jaw but will require a further restoration to replace the decayed material.
Root Canal Posterior
Root canal treatment can be very difficult because the canals are very fine, often difficult to access and may contain awkward curves. Considerable dentistry skill and time is needed to properly clean and seal these infected canals. Some teeth, dependent on position within the mouth, will have one, two, three or even four canals that must be cleaned and filled. The time needed and the cost will vary according to the number of canals. To find and clean these canals a variety of special equipment and tools will often have to be used. At Hospital Lane we use magnifying loupes or special microscopes to find the canals.
Tooth undergoing treatment - all the decay has been removed
Digital x-rays allow for the accurate location and measurement of the root canal. Further special equipment is used to fill and seal the canal with warmed Gutta Percha.
Root Canal Digital X-ray
Root Canal Digital X-ray