Dental Treatments - Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment involves the correction of tooth irregularities which can adversely affect your smile, your facial appearance and function of your teeth.

We tend to think of orthodontic treatment being for children, but the number of adults choosing to have orthodontic treatment is growing. Many people now want to improve their smiles using the latest less-visible cosmetic braces and they are no longer concerned about being too old to change their smile.

Advances in digital technology and materials has revolutionised orthodontic treatment. Many patients now opt for Invisalign treatment which uses clear aligners to move the teeth rather than brackets and wires needed with conventional treatment. Using scanning technology, patients can be shown a 3D preview of their projected treatment plan which enables them to see what their new smile is expected to look like when the treatment is completed.

At Hospital Lane we have an orthodontic team lead by Dr Shirley Cox, a specialist and consultant at The London and St Barts, working with Carley Phillips, alongside a multi-disciplined team of dentists and specialists in the clinic.

Key features of Orthodontic treatment

  • Personal service by a Consultant Orthodontist
  • Convenient after-hours appointments
  • Cosmetic braces
  • Choice of treatment options
  • Non-extraction treatment when possible
  • Treatment for a wide variety of orthodontic problems
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Provision of retainers
  • No waiting lists

Your first visit – What to expect

Your first visit is your opportunity to discuss with Dr Cox exactly what is achievable. Together you can discuss the options available to you. It is important that you are given as much information as possible, both verbally and visually. A diagnostic radiograph may be taken at this appointment and a treatment plan including cost will be provided.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment


Invisalign© uses a series of clear removable trays and is the market leading Aligner system for clear braces.

Patients receiving Invisalign treatment can also benefit from FREE tooth whitening (clinically suitable cases only).

Single Tooth animation

Invisalign Teen©

Invisalign Teen in a great alternative to fixed braces for teenagers that play sports, musical instruments or are involved in theatre, as they are easily removed and almost invisible. They even have a blue compliance spot to ensure that your Teen is wearing them for the recommended hours per day. See more about Invisalign Teen on the Invisalign website.

Master Series

Metal brackets available for child patients, Master Series is the versatile, metal twin bracket system that orthodontists around the world have trusted for more than 25 years.
Master Series

Radiance© ceramic brackets

Ceramic brackets are far less visible than the traditional metal brackets. They are translucent and blend with the colour of the teeth for a more natural appearance.  
Radiance© ceramic brackets

Forever Gold

Forever Gold stainless steel gold colored brackets truly offer the best of both worlds - the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of "white" gold. A unique proprietary ion-implementation process ensures these brackets will stay gold for the duration of treatment. When matched with gold wire and gold ligatures, Forever Gold offers a complete patient pleasing cosmetic system that requires literally no sacrifice on your part.

Orthodontic Fees

An accurate quote will be provided after initial consultation and assessment, however please see below for a guide to fees:

Consultation (inclusive of full-mouth digital radiograph if required) £110
Removable appliance therapy from £1,700

Fixed appliance (master series) 1 arch

Fixed appliance (master series) 2 arches

from £3,000

from £3,800

Fixed tooth-coloured appliance 1 arch

Fixed tooth-coloured appliance 2 arches

from £3,400

from £4,600

Invisalign© from £2,000
Invisalign Teen© 2 arches from £4,250

Forever Gold 1 arch

Forever Gold 2 arches

from £3,400

from £4,600

Payment of fees:

Option 1: 100% of fees paid at records appointment

Option 2: 20% deposit at records appointment, 20% after six months, with the balance being paid over 11 equal monthly instalments over the treatment term.

Illustrative example – Total fee to pay £4,600 with treatment starting in January.

At your records appointment in January you would pay £920 (20% deposit) with a further one-off payment of £920 payable in July. The balance of the fees are then paid over 11 months by standing order, in this example being £250.91 monthly February to November, with a final payment of £250.90 in December.

Option 3: 40% deposit at records appointment, followed by the balance being paid over 11 equal monthly instalments.

Illustrative example - Total fee to pay £4,600 with treatment starting in January

At your records appointment in January you would pay £1,840 (40% deposit). The balance of the fees are then paid over 11 equal monthly instalments by standing order over the treatment term, in this example being £250.91 monthly February to November, with a final payment of £250.90 in December.

NB. For Invisalign cases, 50% deposit at 'records' appointment is compulsory to cover lab fees.

How can I find out more?

I am very happy that I chose to have my brace fitted. I was very nervous to start with and worried how I would look at the age of 30, having a brace. Hardly anybody noticed until I pointed it out, thanks to having the tooth coloured brackets, which you can hardly see. Initially it was slightly uncomfortable, but after that I hardly felt it anymore. This was the best decision I have ever made as now I have the smile I’d always dreamed of and it only took eight months. The staff at Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic have always been very friendly and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone.


All I can say is that I am extremely delighted with the outcome of my Orthodontic treatment. Before I was too embarrassed to show my teeth because they were so bad, but now I can’t stop smiling! Shirley Cox was so lovely from the first meeting all the way through to the last, putting me at ease and never judging me. I wish I had had it done sooner as I got a better result than I ever imagined possible. Thank you Shirley so much.


Before my braces were fitted I felt very low in confidence. When I had my pictures taken I would always hide my teeth when smiling. Since my braces were fitted and removed, my smile has become wider and confidence has grown dramatically. I can smile showing my teeth and feel my appearance has increased a lot now I have straight teeth. I am very happy with my results!