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Digital Impressions – 3Shape Trios Scanning Technology

One of our commitments at Hospital Lane Dental & Implant Clinic is to constantly be on the search for the most up to date and advanced Digital technologies available in dentistry. Our revolutionary 3Shape Trios scanner is regularly used for all aspects of dentistry including orthodontic treatment.

Why Digital Scanning?

There are multiple reasons why the Trios scanner is liked by us as well as our patients!

  • No Messy Impressions – Say bye to impression trays and struggling with gooey materials, Trios creates a precise 3D scan of the mouth which is more comfortable than impressions so you can breathe and swallow as normal.
  • Smile design – Digital scanning gives your dentist and technician the opportunity to used advanced planning and treatment possibilities in restorative and guided implant dentistry
  • High Accuracy – The Trios provides extremely accurate scans which are not prone to distortion during the manufacture of models or restorations.
  • Monitoring dental health – the scans can be kept and reviewed in order to monitor dental health in the long term. The detailed colour images can also be used to help show patients active disease or problems quickly and effectively.
  • New Replacement mouthguards, biteguards and retainers without new impressions – because we store your digital scan data as long as your teeth have not changed since your scans need devices can be made without the need for new impressions.
  • Single visit ceramic restorations – we also use CEREC for same day ceramic crowns and inlays .

Digital orthodontic treatment previews and impression free treatment

Our orthodontic team use a dedicated orthodontic ITERO scanner to help you visualise a 3 D preview of your treatment at the consultation and planning stage. To avoid impressions being required the intraoral scanner can be used for INVISALIGN treatment and the provision of retainers.