Dental Treatments - Hygienist Treatment

Hygienist Treatment

The teeth and root surfaces of the teeth benefit from being professionally cleaned by the hygienist. However, in addition to this, good home care and oral hygiene by the patient is essential to allow the gums to heal. Advice and demonstration of exactly how best to clean teeth and dental implants, especially in difficult to reach areas, is an important part of the hygienist treatment.

At Hospital Lane we are proud to be a flagship practice for EMS using Guided Biofilm Therapy(GBT).UIsing this gold standard approach for hygiene treatment it provides our patients with

Key Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

  • Improved patient Comfort
  • Minimillay invasive treatment
  • Disease Prevention
  • Maintenance care for Dental implants
  • Patient Motivation
  • Cosmetic Stain removal


At Hospital Lane, our Hygiene team works solely under prescription from a Dentist as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach to Dental care. This means that patients are not able to make appointments to see a dental hygienist without the Dentist’s direct recommendation.