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Digital Smile Design

Traditionally, cosmetic dentistry has been focused on creating harmonious and aesthetic restorations inside the mouth. However, it’s not just teeth that make a beautiful smile, there are lips, cheeks, a face and an individual that need to be taken into account. Building a smile is like building a house, and it is important to start with the end in mind. An architect designs a blueprint within the boundaries of the adjacent land or setting, the engineers decide on what is possible and only then do the builders make a start.

A bespoke smile can now be designed and visualised with the aid of technology in order to get a really good idea of the results that can be achieved. With Digital Smile Design, we now have the ability to create a simulation of the proposed treatment. This digital smile design (commonly known as DSD) acts as the dental blueprint for the proposed treatment. It can even be trialled to get a really good idea of the impact on the whole face and speech.

The process usually starts of with a combination of photos of the face, smile and teeth combined with video if required.

The DSD analysis then identifies and combines the ideal balance between an aesthetic and biological solution. This information is then transferred to our in house master ceramist who uses all of the above and produces a blueprint of the smile.

This can then be copied, transferred and test driven into the mouth in order to give an accurate preview of how the final smile will look like. Joint decisions are then made by the dentist and patient on any modifications to shape, size or colour that may be required and a final go ahead is given.

Once the blueprint or mockup is finalised a more accurate idea can be given in regards to the cost and timescales for the treatment prior to embarking on the journey to a more beautiful smile.

Digital Smile Design and high aesthetic composite veneers

Digital Smile Design and ceramic veneers

Clinical work by: Mojtaba Dehghanpour