Dental Implants - Tooth Now

The Tooth Now treatment is the answer to many patients’ problems when faced with a failing front tooth.

The technique allows the removal of the failing tooth, placement of a dental implant and provision of a replacement crown all in one visit. A permanent laboratory-made crown is fitted three months later.

The Tooth Now technique is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that removes the need to wear a denture or suffer a gap. It can be used whether a tooth is about to be lost or has been lost for some time. The procedure is usually no more traumatic than the tooth extraction.

Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic is able to offer this treatment when many other Clinics are not, by virtue of our imaging facilities, experience of our dental surgeons and extensive inventory of implant equipment. Patients experience minimal discomfort, no sutures and exceptional satisfaction ratings with this treatment, along with the ability to carry on with busy lives with minimal dental appointments.

Tooth Now

Fractured central incisor replaced using immediate Tooth Now procedure.


Tooth Now can benefit patients who:

  • Wear a single-tooth denture.
  • Have a failing crown or bridge.
  • Have a fractured root.
  • Have recurrent infections around a tooth.
  • Need a solution when the only other options are to wear a denture or have a gap.

Fees for Tooth Now

Diagnostic Cost – Single Site Cone Beam CT Scan: £135

Stage One: Treatment

  • Tooth extraction at the time of implant placement
  • Implant placement including facilities, surgeon’s fees and implant costs
  • Provisional crown restoration inclusive of implant components
  • Aftercare during healing period

Cost: £1,966

Stage Two: Restoration (3 MONTHS LATER)

Following the osseointegration of the implant and stabilisation of gum tissue.

  • Clinical and laboratory work associated with provision of definitive long-term ceramic crown restoration

Cost: £1000

Total cost: £3,101

Adjunctive Procedures

The tooth now treatment can require additional procedures to repair bone and soft tissue defects associated with the area requiring treatment. Your dentist will discuss this with you along with options for high aesthetic restorations when all ceramic abutments can be fitted under the gum with high aesthetic crowns for the ultimate restoration of front teeth.

Before treatment
Before treatment – Upper left central incisor fractured in cycling accident , teeth temporarily repaired by splinting together
Before treatment
Before treatment , Xray shows tooth fracture and CT scan revealed jawbone fracture
Completed treatment
Completed treatment, upper left central incisor replaced with tooth now technique with bone augmentation, upper right central incisor saved with root canal treatment and new high aesthetic crowns made to restore both teeth to natural dentition.
Xray of completed treatment
Xray of completed treatment showing implant and root treatment of upper right central incisor, clinical work carried out by Tony Auger B.D.S