Dental Implants - Overdentures

Denture stabilisation with locator devices in overdentures

Some patients manage well with dentures initially when they are first fitted however as time goes on it is common that dentures can become uncomfortable and cause difficulties with eating and speaking. This is primarily due to the fact that the ridges in the mouth that support the dentures shrink back over time leading to loss of fit and instability of the dentures. Secondly as we age our ability to manage unsecured teeth (neuromuscular control) declines. Unfortunately this results in some older patients leaving their teeth out with subsequent functional and social problems. Being able to enjoy eating our food and eating a healthy diet  should be a pleasure in life and dental implants can help with this.

If patients were originally satisfied with their dentures and denture wearing, stabilisation of the dentures using implant locators can be an ideal cost-effective solution.

Only two implants are required to stabilise a lower denture. Placing two implants in the mandible is a safe and simple procedure rarely more traumatic than a tooth extraction. These implants require a healing period of around three months to osseointegrate with the bone. Implant locator abutments are then fitted to the implants and a press stud type mechanism is used to hold the denture in position. The dentures subsequently become more comfortable and patients regain their confidence lost with the unstable dentures.

Maintenance is straightforward as the denture can be easily removed by the patient for cleaning of the prosthesis and implants in the mouth.

In the upper jaw  the overdenture can be made to expose the palate so patients gain an improvement in taste and have less issues tolerating a prosthesis which does not cover the palate. More sophisticated overdentures can be made using milled titanium bars with additional retentive mechanisms to hold teeth firmly in place. Our in house specialist  laboratory laser scans the new teeth and with the use of computer aided design custom made bars can be made to secure new teeth. The close communication between the laboratory  and your clinician  will help achieve the best outcome for your  new teeth.

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Locator Overdentures Cross Section

Fees for locator overdentures

Costs depend on the number of implants and type of prosthetic solution required to secure the replacement teeth. In general only two implants are required for a lower jaw treatment.

Lower Jaw locator overdenture treatment using two implants

Diagnostic assessment with single site Cone beam CT scan
Stage One - implant placement
Placement of 2 dental implants ,including facilitity fees ,surgeons fees ,implant component costs and aftercare
Stage Two - new implant supported lower overdenture
Inclusive of zest locator abutments,facility , prosthodontist costs , and laboratory costs
Dental Implant Overdentures

Upper jaw locator overdenture treatment using four implants

It is recommended that four implants are used to secure an upper overdenture.
Diagnostic cost of upper jaw cone beam CT scan
Stage One – implant placement £4,000
Stage Two - new implant supported upper overdenture
Inclusive of zest locator abutments,facility, prosthodontist costs and laboratory costs
Dental Implant Overdentures