Dental Implants - 28 years of Implant Dentistry

In 2021, Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic celebrates 31 years of implant dentistry and we are very pleased to share the story of our progress.

Starting with a team of only 3 clinicians at the original Rochester Hospital Lane Dental Practice in 1990, we now have an enlarged team of 10 dentists at our award-winning purpose-built Clinic on Blue Bell Hill.

Whilst the team has grown in size over the years, our long-term values and traditions of patient-centred care remain central to everything we do and 28 years and over 5000 implant procedures represents a wealth of valuable experience.

Implant dentistry has been one of the focal points of our new Clinic, where we have worked to achieve exceptional facilities for patients to receive the very best treatment. In 1990 our founding implant team was established comprising of Tony Auger and Richard Ebanks.

Then a fairly new area in dentistry, we were one of the first to practice implant dentistry.

At our High Street, Rochester premises we began the establishment of what was to become a clinic with a national reputation for high quality, patient-centred implant dentistry, winning ‘Referral Practice of the Year’ in 2008. From the start, our vision was to create the ultimate implant clinic, shaped through a world view by attending training courses worldwide.

The team have attended advanced courses in revolutionary techniques and approaches across the UK, Europe and the USA which have provided us with invaluable and vision-moulding experiences. As we continued to build upon our knowledge, we outgrew the old premises and began the task of creating a purpose-built dental and implant clinic to provide the exceptional facilities necessary in ensuring the ultimate in patient care.

And so in April 2007, after 18 months of development, our new Clinic was open. Being able to design the Clinic straight from the drawing board enabled us to create a unique premises which encompasses facilities such as an on-site laboratory, CT scanner and private lounge for implant patients. Though located at a new site, what we haven’t lost is our traditional emphasis, where we have done all we can to synthesise old and new in terms of our team, our philosophy, technology and most importantly, patient-centred care.

As the Clinic has grown over time, we have welcomed Craig Kennett, Younes Khosroshahy, Mojtaba Dehghanpour, Ines Forte, Manuel Gonzalez-O’Sullivan and Alan Knight to the implant team. One of our key values is to maintain continuity within the practice in terms of patient care, and we believe it to be of utmost importance that patients receiving care will be reassured that they will be able to continue seeing those dentists who treat them, throughout treatment and aftercare in the long term.

We feel it is important to ensure widely available access to our dental services for our patients, and so in addition to our dedicated referral service for dental colleagues, we offer an open door policy so new patients are able to make appointments themselves without referral. With a team of ten dentists with special interests in all different aspects of dentistry, we can offer the highest quality dental care for patients in all areas of treatments including cosmetic and restorative dentistry.