Dental Fees

At your new patient appointment, the Dentist will discuss the various treatment options available to you and will provide you with a detailed estimate.

The following is a guide to the cost of typical items of treatment.

Covid Safety Tariff

Covid Safety Tariff fee for Non-Aerosol Generating Procedures (per appointment) £5
Covid Safety Tariff fee for Aerosol Generating Procedures (per appointment) £15

Examinations and Radiographs

Adult New Patient Examination and Consultation, inclusive of COVID safe Tariff fee for Non-Aerosol Generating Procedures – 40 minutes £115
Regular check-up – 6 or 12-monthly £52
Intra Oral Digital Radiograph £13
Extra Oral Digital Radiograph £53

Hygienist Programmes:

Regular Maintenance Session, 40-minutes £95
Initial Assessment and Treatment Session, inclusive of Oral Care Pack £162

Dental Treatments

Fillings - Cosmetic tooth-coloured restorations from £107
Fillings - High-quality amalgam restorations from £107
Extractions from £192
Porcelain restorations – CERECs £730
High aesthetic ceramic crowns and bridges (per unit) from £953
Porcelain Veneers (per unit) from £953
Root Canal Treatment (price dependant on number of canals) and if tooth previously treated from £599
Root Canal Treatment by Endodontic Specialist, Alan Knight (price dependant on if tooth previously treated) from £865
Home Tooth Whitening using custom trays from £270
Intra-Venous Sedation (external Anaesthetist) £350 per hour

Implant Treatments

Single tooth implant, inclusive of CT scan, implant placement, healing abutment and final crown restoration after 3 months £2,888
"Tooth Now": Single tooth implant, inclusive of CT scan, extraction, implant placement, immediate temporary crown and final crown restoration after 3 months £3,100
Implant bridge to replace three teeth using two implants, inclusive of implant placement and final bridge restoration from £5,800
Implant bridge to replace six teeth using three implants, inclusive of implant placement and final bridge restoration from £10,400
Teeth Now/All on Four/All on 4: Full single arch (upper or lower jaw) implant reconstruction of failing dentition, inclusive of extractions, implant placement, same-day temporary fixed bridge with 10 teeth and final fixed titanium implant bridge after approximately 5 months £15,980
Full upper ceramic implant bridge replacing ten teeth inclusive of implant placement and final bridge restoration from £18,245
Zygomatic implants (two) and two further implants for full upper implant reconstruction, inclusive of implant placement, same-day temporary bridge and final fixed titanium implant bridge from £20,510

Grafting and Bone Regeneration

Local Bio-oss augmentation at time of implant placement from £300
Autogenous bone graft with pin fixation from £1,000
Medium sinus lift for two implants at time of implant placement from £1,300
  • All fees are calculated after assessing individual needs and clinical time required.
  • A ‘Treatment Plan Estimate’ will be provided at an examination or consultation. The ‘Treatment Plan Estimate’ may need to change during a course of treatment due to clinical or radiographic findings. In such circumstances, you will be informed prior to treatment.
  • Fees for treatment as described in the ‘Treatment Plan Estimate’ are due at the end of each appointment.
  • Fees relating to laboratory work require a deposit of 50% of the cost of that specific element, to be paid at the appointment when the impressions are taken.
  • Implant fees are charged in stages.
  • We accept all major credit cards (except American Express and Diners Card), debit cards or bankers drafts. Cheque payments are acceptable if accompanied by a relevant cheque guarantee card.

The Goodwill Guarantee

Our dentists appreciate the confidence patients put in their work and in recognition of this our dentists provide goodwill guarantees on all inlays, crowns, bridges, implant restorations and veneers for a 5 year period against mechanical failure (eg. fracture of metal or porcelain). The exception is all-ceramic bridges, which we will guarantee for a 3 year period. This is providing the following terms are met:
  • The patient attends the practice for a minimum of two hygienist appointments in each subsequent year following completion of treatment and has adhered to the prescribed maintenance techniques.
  • No damage has occurred as a consequence of further dental treatment (whether at Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic or elsewhere), undue care or trauma.
  • No balance remains outstanding on the patient's account.
  • Failure is not the result of tooth decay, periodontal disease or peri-implantitis.
  • Implant patients must attend for a review examination 12 months after the restoration is fitted for the purpose of radiographic monitoring.
  • If an implant fails to integrate or loses integration with the bone within the first 5 years, we will replace the implant free of charge on one occasion, subject to sufficient bone being available to anchor a new implant. If an implant fails to integrate after subsequent replacement, this implant will not be guaranteed.
  • All ceramic crown restorations will be replaced once only and if future fractures develop, the replacement cost will be borne by the patient. Following the fracture of a restoration the patient will be required to wear a soft bite guard at night-time to prevent the overloading of restorations.
  • Please note the Goodwill Guarantee from our dentists is not applicable to to implant failures in smokers.
All Hospital Lane Dentists are individually responsible for the care and treatment they provide and are fully covered by personal professional indemnity.